Interviste/Timmy Bryan, tra un Abercrombie e l'altro. by you.

Timmy Bryan is 20 years old, but he’s already got an interesting professional resume. Originally from Norway, he was scouted while on a field trip to Washington Dc. Among his main achievements, the “Uniqlo” campaign for winter 2008, as well as Abrcrombie and Fitch – summer 2008. And for Abecrombie he’ll be shooting again for the 2009 summer campaign. His favorite job, so far, has been an editorial for Time out New York magazine spring fashion issue (coming out in the next days). Timmy, the youngest of 7 kids (he has 4 sisters and 2 brothers), has recently moved to New York. He has signed with Ford models. Timmy is happily in love. Here you can see other pictures.

Modeling, for you, started with some luck. What would you suggest to a guy who wants to start this career?
For any guy who wants to get into modeling I would suggest going to an open call with some simple polaroids…you don’t need to waste money on professional pictures before you have an agency, because if the agency likes you and offers you a contract they will develope your look the way they want to.

What’s the favourite part of your job?
The favourite part is being able to see all of the behind the scenes of an actual photoshoot. People don’t realize how much work goes into the pictues that show up in editorials in a magazine, often times people look at the picture for 10 seconds and flip the page…but I get to look at the pictures and remember what it took to make the finished product!

What’s the relationship with other male models?
I live with 4 other male models and we are just regular guys. We have lots of parties and get along really well. It’s not competative at all.

Most people think that male models make a lot of money. Quite frequently, it’s not true. Are you happy with the money you make?
Most male models get paid half of what a female model would get…luckily I work with a lot of catalog clients which pay great day rates….so I can not complain.

Tell us your typical day when there’s not a fashion week.
My typical day is…wake up at 9 a.m. make a good breckfast with lots of protien. Go to they gym for a good hour, take a run in the park. Go to my go sees or castings for the day. Grab coffee with a friend, go home and write/draw/ or study languages….Then go out to some clubs with my roomates.

Interviste/Timmy Bryan, tra un Abercrombie e l'altro. by you.

How does it feel receiving many compliments, in bars and in normal life?
It feels good to get compliments but I don’t really let it go to my head….there is MUCH MUCH more to me than good looks.

Abercrombie is one of the favourite brands for gay people. How do you feel about being “desidered” by many guys around the world who see your ads?
That is my job is to be desired by whoever feels moved by the pictures I’m in. I can’t control who sees my pictures so I could never judge anyone for likeing or not liking my pictures…

Your favourite stylist?
My favourite designer is Tom Ford, or John Galliano.

Ever been to Europe? Your favourite city ? (can skip this if you’ve never been there).
I’m coming to Greece next month…so Europe watch out for Tim Bryan :)

Is it harder for you to build a solid relationship with a partner? I’m thinking of frequent trips around the world, and also the fact that you’re surrounded by a lot of beauty.
I’m in a long distance relationship now but fortunatly we are able to afford to fly to see eachother every two weeks, which is very nice.

Interviste/Timmy Bryan, tra un Abercrombie e l'altro. by you.

Good luck, Timmy.

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