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Luis Batalha was born 19 years ago in Porto, Portugal. Even if he’s still very young, he started modeling at high school, by chance: “Someone just added me to the list of persons that were going to do a runway show at school. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, so I did it even if it was not my idea. In the end, people liked what I did, and after that I was chosen to be part of a small agency in Leiria, the main city of my region”. “I don’t like to call this a real start – says Luis – because I didn’t feel like I was a real model at that time. I just did one photo test”. After 2 years, during his last year at high school, he was scouted by an agency in Lisbon. “I can say I’ve been modeling for 3 years and a half, but honestly, for me, I feel I started working as a model one year and a half ago”. In Portugal he’s with the agency Karacter, in Italy with Elite Milano and a minor one in Germany. Luis spent a period in Milan, “but it wasn’t a good time”. “Everyone – recalls the 19 year old model – was saying that I looked too young, or like they used to say ‘piccolo'”. “Now I’m quite different, body and face: I still look young but manlier, for sure”. In Portugal, he did some runway show and showroom for José António Tenente, as well as Lisbon fashion week. He was recently in a McDonald’s TV commercial. “Basically I do lots of runway shows all over Portugal”, says Luis, although he soon hopes to increase his trips abroad. He’s happily in love, and is currently studying at a university in Portugal. His pictures are here.

You are originally from Portugal but I assume you spend a lot of time abroad. Do you mind living in other cities?
Honestly I just can’t get enough. I mean, I totally don’t mind about living in other countries. Sometimes I think about it like a possible lifestyle for the future.

Most models enojoy travelling: what’s your favourite country and why?
Probably Italy. I spent a great time there. Maybe the best time of my life. All the people were so helpful, even if they didn’t know how to speak English they would right away try to help me looking something in the map and try to explain it by gestures. And I remember all the parties, the party people.

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You have an agency in Portugal, one in Milan and one in Germany. What’s different about them?
Lets begin with the one in Germany, I don’t have such a big relationship with them so I can’t say that much about it, unfortunately of course. Now, between Portugal and Italy, no doubt that the one in Italy it’s bigger, so it’s kinda challenging to be there and prove what I’m worth. Now talking about environment, my agency in Portugal is my second family. I mean, all the people working there, the people I’ve met, and such happiness while working.

What’s the weirdest thing that happened to you during a fashion show?
Once I did a show outside, in a snowy place. During the day the weather was great, very sunny, but then during the show it started snowing. It was kind of strange walking with a shirt, shorts and no shoes…weird and cold.

What’s your favourite part in a fashion show?
If I could, I would like to skip the part right before the show: everyone is running and stressing out, some people are in bad mood, etc. My favourite part is the catwalk, stepping on it, and feeling all the adrenaline. Well, I would lie if I said I didn’t like the end, when the bad mood people are smiling again. And, of course, we all share this joy partying.

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What’s your relationship with other models?
I consider myself as a friendly person so I’ve never had a problem with other models.

How do you feel about being an object of desire for guys and girls?
It’s not an issue for me. And it’s not just desire, but maybe curiosity about my life. In any case, I don’t mind neither curiosity nor desire.

How important is the care of your body? Do you beware of the calories you eat?
It’s really important for me, not just being in shape but feeling good. I work out everyday, even if it’s just some home push ups and abs or a 30 minute run in the woods or at the beach. I don’t care too much about calories, but if I can avoid some high calories food, I will do it for sure.

What do you plan on doing after you finish your modeling career?
I would like to work in marketing/publicity or social communication. I spent my first year in college studying accounting but I had to stop because it’s not the major for me. I would like to try also some theatre or cinema.

Give some advice to a guy who wants to become a model.
Most important thing, self-confidence. Without it you’re not going anywhere. Before proving to others that you’re good, you must be convinced that you’re worth it. Another thing: it’s not girly at all to be in shape, take care of your skin and try to look good as much as possible. And last thing, keep it real.

Ronaldo is from Portugal, and is a sex symbol for many. Do you want to become like him?
Good question. Nothing bad about being a sex symbol, or maybe it is, because it makes it harder to find real love. Anyway, I would like to be smarter and more humble than Ronaldo. I like to be good in what I’m doing, so like I said, keep it real: one day it will be over, and when you can’t use your legs anymore (like rest of the body too), you have to be able to use what you got inside of your head. Therefore I don’t feel like C. Ronaldo at all.

Good luck, Luis.

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